flipdcd corrupting dcd files

From: peter.schmidtke_at_fr.netgrs.com
Date: Thu Jun 14 2012 - 06:30:48 CDT

Dear NAMD mailing list readers,


I'm experiencing some problems with flipping endianess of my
trajectories (32 bit DCD format written by NAMD 2.9 CUDA in little
endian) using the flipdcd program coming with the NAMD binaries.

When I do the flipdcd going to big endian and back again to little and
so on, after some time my trajectory file gets corrupted (VMD can only
read some frames in the beginning, but not the end anymore). It's mostly
the end of the trajectory that becomes "unreadable".


Are these issues known using flipdcd? My dcd files are 2.1Gb big, by the


Thanks in advance for your reply.


Best regards.


Peter Schmidtke

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