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> On Wed, Aug 29, 2012 at 9:06 AM, Jacqueline Schmidt
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> (for instant in I want calculate
> average angle resulted for a particular bondangle etc), how should I
> actually do that.

TO Measure Angle:

This scripted VMD proc should get you started measuring angles and
outputting them to a file.
Usage: put the proc in a file (ie scanAngle.tcl) and load it into vmd through the TKConsole with "source scanAngle.tcl", then use with: "scanAngle $yourAtomSelection yourOutputFileName firstFrameToMeasure lastFrameToMeasure""

proc scanAngle {sel {outputFileName "angleScan.dat"} {startFrame 0}
{lastFrame 0} } {
  # Beware, there may be bugs. This proc was quickly written as an
  # example.
  if { [ llength [$sel get index ]] != 3 } {
    puts "Your atomselection must contain 3 particles, no more, no less"
  set fd [open $outputFileName "w"]
  set myMolid [ $sel molid ]
  if { lastFrame == 0 } {
    set lastFrame [ molinfo $myMolid get numframes ]
  for {set i startFrame} {$i<=$lastFrame} {incr i} {
    set myAngle [ measure angle [lindex [$sel get index]] frame $i molid $myMolid ]
    set myData "$i, $myAngle"
    puts $fd $myData
  close $fd

NOTE: You could also just tag/label the atoms and open the label
dialogue and then click on the "graph" tab.

> rama plots and so on) with my self-written

To Measure Ramachandran Plot:
Just use the VMD Plugin: Extensions > Analysis > Ramachandran Plot

> into the insight format (ASCII format) and do various analysis (density
> profiles of different groups,

You'll have to be little more specific about what you are trying to
calculate here.'

> My other question is about NAMDEnergy plugin. When I try to run it I get the
> error message that It can not execute the namd2 executable file! this is
> while I run my simulations with the same file (the namd2). Does anyone know
> why is this happening?

As someone said earlier; Norman, I think; VMD can find namd2. Add it to
your PATH.


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