Re: RNA simulation

From: Chris Harrison (
Date: Mon Aug 29 2011 - 19:23:07 CDT

Dear Ray,

Can you please clarify "oscillates like crazy?" That's a pretty vague

And too which tutorial are you referring, and which exercise/section in
the tutorial?

Do the oscillations begin spontaneously at frame 300; and if so, is
there a something in your config that changes at frame 300? Or do the
oscillations gradually begin? The first case suggests the issue is more
likely a problem with your config/setup. The second case suggests it
may more likely be a physical problem evolving from interactions in your


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Juan Antonio Raygoza Garay <> writes:
> Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2011 13:38:38 -0700
> From: Juan Antonio Raygoza Garay <>
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> Subject: namd-l: RNA simulation
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> HI, i'm trying to run simulations in namd specifically RNA molecules and some proteins, but if i have 300 frames, always at the end the systems starts to oscillate like crazy and i've followed all the tutorial steps.
> help is very much appreciated.
> Ray

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