Namd-I: namd compiling problem

From: Ye Yang (
Date: Tue Aug 02 2011 - 22:28:05 CDT

Dear namd experts:
        It seems that I have met some troubles when compiling namd.
        I am using the ./configure Linux-86_64-g++ charm-arch
multicore-Linux64 to configure on two different machines..
        One of them is fine with "make", and runs normally.
        The other one, however shows some errors each time I run namd:
error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared
object file: No such file or directory. It makes me puzzled since I did not
use the cuda version.
        when I use "find / -namd" to locate it, the result is:
        Also, even if I I added the LD path to avoid this, there is still
        when I try namd2, it always said "Please add +idlepoll to command
line for proper performance"
        And if I try charmrun + p6 namd2, it will show:
        Charmrun> Couldn't find rsh program 'rsh'!
        Charmrun> Couldn't find rsh program 'rsh'!
       Charmrun> Error 1 returned from rsh (localhost:0)
       Charmrun> Couldn't find rsh program 'rsh'!
       Charmrun> Couldn't find rsh program 'rsh'!
          Could anyone help me with this?
          Thank you very much.


Ye Yang

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