Re: How to generate the tcouple file for NAMD runs?

From: Chris Harrison (
Date: Sun Oct 31 2010 - 08:23:46 CDT

Dear Catherine,

Use VMD. Load the coordinate (pdb or coor) file used in your namd config.
 From the extensions menu, open the TkCon window. Then (replacing text
between < > symbols with your desired values):

set allAtomsSel [atomselect top all]
$allAtomsSel set occupancy 0
set tcoupledAtomSel [atomselect top "<YOUR SELECTION TEXT FOR TEMP COUPLED
$tcoupledAtomSel set occupancy <TEMP TO WHICH ATOMS SHOULD BE COUPLED>
$allAtomsSel writepdb tCoupledFile.pdb


2010/10/29 a a <>

> Dear Sir/Madam,
> How to generate the tCouple file? e.g. if we need the following line in
> our configuration file.
> #tCoupleFile $fname.tCouple.pdb ### friction coef.=1.0
> What is the best way to generate the pdb file?
> Best regards,
> Catherine

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