Re: No log file

From: David Tanner (
Date: Mon Jul 06 2009 - 09:45:47 CDT

The log information is printed to "standard out" (stdout) which get
written to the screen unless you want it written else where. To have
your log info written to a file use:

namd2 configfile > logfilename

then you will not see the log info on the terminal screen but you will
see it in "logfilename".

David E. Tanner
Theoretical and Computational Biophysics Group
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On Jul 6, 2009, at 8:41 AM, Luis Agullo (LAB) wrote:

My simulation runs apparently without problems and all the output files
appeared correctly at the end, except the log file. In fact, data are
shown on terminal screen but they are not written at a log file. Can
anybody help me?

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