abf with colvars example

From: David A. Horita (dhorita_at_wfubmc.edu)
Date: Thu Jun 04 2009 - 12:53:20 CDT

I was trying to figure out how to split an ABF run into parts using the
2.6 syntax but it looks like this is easiest in 2.7b1. However, I'm a
bit confused as to how to implement to colvar/abf component - do the abf
commands go in the colvarsconfig file or the main input file, etc. Is
there an equivalent atom-based_01.conf (deca-alanine abf tutorial) for
2.7b1 available?
from the manual, I interpret xiMin-> lowerBoundary,
xiMax->upperBoundary, dxi-> width, but I'm not sure how to assemble
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