regarding topology file generation

From: prasun kumar (
Date: Tue Mar 03 2009 - 04:55:16 CST

Respected all

I am trying to make a topology file for a dimethylated lysine.For this is I
am just modifying the lysine part available in the topology file(charmm),but
I am not gettin the right structure

2nd method I have used is as following:

generate the gromacs topology file from PRODRG server and then convert it
into the charmm topology file with certain modifications in bond angle,again
problem here is that I dont know the function used for the calculation of
dihedral parameters in Gromacs.............

3rd method

I got that one can generate the topology file using GENRTF(it seems to be
the better way)
can any one tell me how to use genrtf (although it is given there on its
site link:
from where I can download this software,they are telling that its included
in charmm homepage,but i dint get where it is....................

looking forward for a suggestions
thanx in advance

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