How to make alkaline ph pgn file

From: ravi sharma (
Date: Mon Apr 16 2007 - 14:11:47 CDT

Hello Sir,
 its Ravi have seen your mail namd website ,,,sir i got a problem that i am doing simualtion (MD)at different ph ......
 at Neutral ph,Histidine exist in the form of HSE and at the acidic ph it exist in HSD form that also i found at topology file.....completed my simulation successfully
 But now i got the problem that in alkaline ph LYSINE exist at LSN form but i didnt get it in toplogy file so simulation will not run if i patched it....
  Like acidic ph pgn as..........
 package require psfgen
 topology top_all27_prot_lipid.inp
 pdbalias atom ILE CD1 CD
 pdbalias residue HIS HSP
 pdbalias residue HEM HEME
 segment U {pdb A.pdb}
 coordpdb A.pdb U
 segment H {pdb heme.pdb}
 coordpdb heme.pdb H
 patch ASPP U:17
 patch ASPP U:28
 patch ASPP U:35
 patch ASPP U:36
 patch ASPP U:94
 patch GLUP U:4
 patch GLUP U:9
 patch GLUP U:13
 patch GLUP U:39
 patch GLUP U:60
 patch GLUP U:61
........please can you help me to generate pgn for alkaline ph
 Best Regards
 Looking for your postive response

  Ravi Datta Sharma
  Department of Microbiology
  CCS Unversity,
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