Namd window network problem

From: edu (
Date: Thu Jun 15 2006 - 13:55:51 CDT

I use the namd 2.6b1 in a window enviroment (XP). When I tray to run the program in a remote PC using the charmrun I receive the following error:

C:\NAMD MD\NAMD inst\NAMD_2.6>charmrun namd2 ++verbose ++nodelist nodos.nodelist 2ci2F_wb.conf
Charmrun> charmrun started...
Charmrun> using nodos.nodelist as nodesfile
Charmrun> adding client 0: "mmm", IP:
Charmrun> Charmrun =, port = 1228
Charmrun> packing arg: 2ci2F_wb.conf
Charmrun> Starting node program 0 on 'mmm' as C:\NAMD MD\NAMD inst\NAMD_2.6\namd2.
Charmrun> Node program 0 started.
Charmrun> node programs all started
Charmrun> Waiting for 0-th client to connect.
Charmrun> client 0 connected (IP= data_port=1387)
Charmrun> All clients connected.
Charmrun> IP tables sent.
Charmrun> node programs all connected
Info: NAMD 2.6b1 for Win32-i686
Info: Please visit
Info: and send feedback or bug reports to
Info: Please cite Kale et al., J. Comp. Phys. 151:283-312 (1999)
Info: in all publications reporting results obtained with NAMD.
Charmrun: error on request socket--
Error on socket recv!

What is wrong????

My nodefile is:
group main
 host mmm

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