convert .dcd into .trr

From: Shirley Li (
Date: Tue May 02 2006 - 12:37:53 CDT

Dear NAMD expert,
 I have a question about converting NAMD dcd file into .trr format for GROMACS analysis. With "catdcd", the timing information gets lost. So when the .trr file is used for g_covar (GROMACS tool) in the following way:
  for ((i=500;i<=10000;i+=500)); do g_covar -f prod0t10.trr -s prod10.pdb -mwa -o eigen$i.xvg -e $i < G-TOOLS.IN/; done
 The output files eigen$i.xvg will be the same for all $i. I wonder if anybody has any clue what's wrong. Is there any other way to convert .dcd into .trr?
 Any information/suggestion will be appreciated.
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