RE: error parsing config file

From: Pijush Ghosh (
Date: Thu Sep 29 2005 - 21:52:09 CDT


  If you could forward the configuration file you are running then may be we
go through it and see if there is any small mistake that you are
overlooking, Mention the X, Y and Z dimension of your system as well.


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From: [] On Behalf
Of dora guzman
Sent: Thursday, September 29, 2005 2:00 PM
Subject: namd-l: error parsing config file


I'm trying to submit a job for minimization and equilibration and I keep
getting the following error: error parsing config file
I don't know what that means or how to address it. I've copied the log file

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Charm++: standalone mode (not using charmrun)
Info: NAMD 2.5 for Linux-i686
Info: Please visit
Info: and send feedback or bug reports to
Info: Please cite Kale et al., J. Comp. Phys. 151:283-312 (1999)
Info: in all publications reporting results obtained with NAMD.
Info: Based on Charm++/Converse 050612 for net-linux-icc
Info: Built Fri Sep 26 17:33:59 CDT 2003 by jim on
Info: Sending usage information to NAMD developers via UDP. Sent data is:
Info: 1 NAMD 2.5 Linux-i686 1 athlon133-3 dguzman
Info: Running on 1 processors.
Info: 1337 kB of memory in use.
Measuring processor speeds... Done.
Info: Configuration file is TEST_PG3H2O_eq.conf
TCL: error parsing config file
FATAL ERROR: error parsing config file
    while executing
    (file "TEST_PG3H2O_eq.conf" line 1)
Stack Traceback:
  [0] _ZN9ScriptTcl3runEPc+0x54 [0x8228bb0]
  [1] main+0x1d2 [0x80ed052]
  [2] __libc_start_main+0xa4 [0x420158d4]
  [3] sinh+0x65 [0x80eaed1]

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