Compiling NAMD with mpicc myrinet

From: Edward Patrick Obrien (
Date: Thu Mar 10 2005 - 12:19:50 CST

Hi all,

   My question is how do I get the build command to use the mpicc compiler,
which doesn't appear to be supported?

   I'm trying to figure out how to compile namd with the following compiler


so that I can compile namd for a myrinet linux cluster. We have version 2
of the gm library. After downloading NAMD_2.5_Source.tgz, and downloading
charm-5.8 this is what I tried:

./build charm++ mpi-linux $CC gm2

where I setenv CC /v/apps/mpich-1.2.5..12_04_01_2004/bin/mpicc

The result is:
Error> option: ./build is not supported in this version!
Supported compilers: pgcc cxx gcc3 gcc icc iccstatic kcc pgcc xlc64 xlc

  We set the environement variable CC to the path because it appears this
variable is used in one of the make files to reference the compiler.

Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated,

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