Compilation on Opteron

From: Alexandre Chauvin (
Date: Wed Aug 25 2004 - 12:22:43 CDT

Hi everybody,

I am experiencing some difficulties to run charm++ on opteron
with other compilers than gcc or icc (not very good on opteron).

The compilation does not present serious issues. However when
I try to run 'megatest' after a pathscale32bit compilation, it
just hangs on test 4 and nothing happens. If I then try with a
64bit binary, I get a segmentation violation on test 6
(debugging tells me that it is a CthThread issue).

Of course if I then try to compile and run namd, it fails. So
I think I have to solve the charm++ problem first.

Has anyone ever compiled namd with compiler other than gcc or
icc on opteron?

Any idea is welcome.

Thank you.

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