installing on beowulf cluster

From: Cheri M Turman (
Date: Thu May 06 2004 - 13:38:16 CDT

Hi all,
I am trying to help our computer guys set up NAMD on our new
supercomputer. I know nothing about clusters but would really like to
utilize this new resource at my school. I have been using NAMD
successfully on my single processor for awhile now but for obvious time
saving purposes would like to switch over. They aksed me "What is the
main difference between NAMD, NAMD-TCP and NAMD-Clustermatic,
NAMD_TCP_Clustermatic? Which one do you recommend we install?". I have
no clue! Can anyone help?

We have a scyld beowulf cluster. It consists of ninety nodes with two
2.8GHz CPUs in each node. It has a central storage system and a backup
system. Let me know if I need to find out more info about the cluster!
Thanks for any help you can give!!

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