Building NAMD with Portland's C++ Comipler

From: Suxing Hu (
Date: Thu Dec 09 2004 - 12:29:57 CST

Hi all:

I successfully used the portland's C++ comipler "pgcc" to build the Charm++ (on
Myrinet). Now, I am trying to build the NAMD with the same compiler on Myrinet.
But I get the following error informations: (configure without plugins)

[suxing_at_lepton Linux-i686-MPI]$ make
pgcc -DSOCKLEN_T=socklen_t
-DCMK_OPTIMIZE=1 -Isrc -Iinc -I/home/lepton/suxing/NAMD2/tcl8.3/include
-DNAMD_TCL -DUSE_NON_CONST -I/home/lepton/suxing/NAMD2/fftw-2/include
-I/home/lepton/suxing/NAMD2/fftw-2/include -DNAMD_FFTW -DNAMD_VERSION=\"2.5\"
-DNAMD_PLATFORM=\"Linux-i686-MPI\" -O2 -tpp6 -o obj/common.o -c src/common.C
pgcc-Fatal-Could not find alternate compiler:
make: *** [obj/common.o] Error 3

I know my compiler should be in the directory "/home/lepton/pgi5.0/linux86/bin",
but do not know why the Make gets a strange path (don't even know which file
contains the strange search path "/home/lepton/linux86/linux86/bin/pgcc", shown

Anybody has experience of using "pgcc" and is willing to share your experience,
I would appreciate it!

Thanks, Suxing

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