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I don't have any experience with this kind of thing, but here are my

Does your periodic cell have a net charge of zero? I am under the impression
that simulations of periodic systems are not really valid unless the cell
has a net charge of zero. Otherwise, you are simulating an infinite lattice
of mutually-repulsive cells.

What is the length of your time step? It sounds as though your particles
experience high forces, and therefore high accelerations, so the velocity
accumulated over, say, 1 fs, might be high. I would expect that a
many-particle system needs to be simulated with a temporal resolution high
enough to resolve all particle collisions, since these collisions would
prevent huge velocity build-ups.


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Is your cell size big enough? It may be that a few of the particles are
outside the boundary box.

A more thoughtful answer though would include a discussion about the
applicability of PME to massively charged systems. However, I don't have
the experience discuss that...


On Wed, 8 Dec 2004, Suxing Hu wrote:

> Hi all:
> I am using the NAMD to simulate ultracold plasmas, which basically consist
> all charged particles. Such a system is quite extended, normally have a
> size of 50umx50umx100um. I am testing for ~500 particles starting almost
> zero velocity, but it shows at the first time step the particle velocities
> huge (>10^15), and even nan (not a number).
> Are there any limits on the size of periodic cell in NAMD? PME is turned
on in
> my simulation tests.
> Thanks,
> Suxing Hu

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