Clustermatic with SCSI

From: Leandro Martinez (
Date: Wed Aug 18 2004 - 18:15:11 CDT

  Hi namd users,
  We have a 20 node Opteron 242 cluster in which we intend
to run namd. Our master node
is a similar machine with 2 SATA 160GB disk drives and
a 72GB SCSI disk (adaptec). We are having a hard time
trying to install clustermatic. First of all, the linux
systems that recognize the SATA and SCSI drivers (Fedora 2.0,
Suse 9.0, Mandrake 10.0, all x86_64 versions)
have problems with clustermatic
(bproc complains about QM_MODULES and about the cm4 kernel
being older than the 2.6 kernel of such linuxes). When
trying to install Red Hat 9.0, we found out that RH9 does
not recognizes the SATA and SCSI drivers, neither does the
kernel provided by cm4 does. Does anyone has any experience on
that could help? Was there any problem that had to
be overcome when the Ariel cluster from TCBG with cm4 and
rh9 was installed, since the master node contains two SCSI
disks? Any help will be appreciated.
  Thank you very much,
  Leandro Martinez.

Leandro Martínez
Department of Physical Chemistry
Institute of Chemistry
State University of Campinas, Brazil

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