question on the parallel job on NCSA Xeon cluster

From: Hyonseok Hwang (
Date: Tue Aug 17 2004 - 22:51:13 CDT

Dear everyone,

I'm running parallel NAMD jobs on the Xeon cluster (named 'tungsten')at
NCSA. When I use a single or two processors, the jobs are running OK.
But, if I try to use 4 or 8 processors, there is an error message saying
  "segmentation fault" after 4 or 5 steps and jobs just quit. In this
parallel jobs, I don't use 'charmrun' command, instead I use 'cmpirun',
which is used in the Xeon cluster.
I'm wondering if this problem is caused by network configuration or
something else. If you know anything, let me know, please.
Thank you very much.


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