PC-DL Deluxe, Dual Xeon

From: Armen Nalian (nalianarmen_at_sfasu.edu)
Date: Wed Aug 04 2004 - 17:32:54 CDT


I am wondering if anyone has tried Asus PC-DL Deluxe with Dual Xeon to run
Clustermatic3 and Redhat9. The board comes with Intel 82547EI Gigabit
Ethernet LAN chip. The network card is not detected by the e1000 rpms
supplied with Clustermatic 3 cd. I got it working with the driver from Intel
website and then created floppy boot image for the nodes. The
/etc/beowulf/config.boot file showed the bootmodule e1000, and the
/etc/beowulf/config file showed to the correct smp version of the kernel.
Nodes boot up and don't find the network card. Is there any way to get the
gigabit card working? I tried modprobe and insmod with no success.

I got 100Mbp LAN cards and placed them in the nodes, bpstat shows all nodes
up. But here is another problem. When running namd job with +p4 only on the
local machhine the benchmark shows 1.8 days/ns, if I run on all the
computers with

+p5 -> 1.49 days/ns

+p10 -> 0.97 days/ns

+p20 -> 1.3 days/ns

I get maximum performance on a single machine when I am running 4 processes,
shouldn't I get 20 processes on 5 machines? Can it be my 100Mbp network?


Thank you,


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