compiled namd on clustermatic fails !

From: Amit Paliwal (
Date: Thu Jul 29 2004 - 13:33:10 CDT

I can not get either precompiled binary or locally compiled
charmrun+namd to run on clustrmatic cluster.

When I try :

./charmrun ++skipmaster ++startpe 122 +p1 ++verbose ./namd2 src/alanin
it runs fine...

but when it is run through nodelist then it simply fials to run and in fact tries to connect
toi wrong nodes:

./charmrun ++skipmaster ++nodelist +p2 ++verbose ./namd2 src/alanin

produces output:

Charmrun> charmrun started...
Charmrun> adding client 0: "0", IP:
Charmrun> There are 0 slave nodes available.
Charmrun> Charmrun =, port = 41124
Charmrun> start node program on slave node: 0.
Charmrun> node programs all started
Charmrun> Waiting for 0-th client to connect.

I think the problem might be in the nodelist format. I used the following:

        group main
          host 122
         host 126
where 122 and 126 were the nodes assigned to me.


PS: Is charm source compatible with clustermatic 4.0 ??

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