Output files creation problem in MPI.

From: Hrant Gharabekyan (ghg_at_xalt.am)
Date: Mon Jul 19 2004 - 07:59:38 CDT


I'm trying simulation on linux (redhat 9.0) cluster, each node 2
processors, using PBS. When I run simulation on 1 node 2 processors,
all ok,output files generated normally. But when run on 2 nodes with
summary 4 processors, screen output normal, simulation finishing
normal, but output (dcd, .vel, .xsc etc. ) files didn't created, and PBS out write
segmentation fault.

Thank's for help

Hrant Gharabekyan

Sorry I didn't write that, cluster based on Myrinet, but charm++ and
Namd compiled only for MPICH. Charm++ megatest passed normally.


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