Suse 9.0 or Fedora Core 1.0

From: nalianarmen (
Date: Thu Jul 01 2004 - 23:37:18 CDT

Hello everybody,


We have just got dual Xeon computers with Intel gigabit Ethernet cards. I am
trying to setup the master node I tried to repeat the same setup that I had
with the older computers (Redhat 9.0, clustermatic 3 run namd just great!)
and failed. The network card isn't detected by RedHat 9.0 and the driver
available from Intel website doesn't modify the kernel so after the
clustermatic installation the card is never detected. I tried to reinstall
the card and it complained about presence of different versions of kernel.

I tried to install clustermatic 4.0 on fedora core 1.0 and Suse 9.0 with no
success. Both OS detected the card.

The clustermatic rpm installation on Fedora failed and I don't know where to
begin to think about the compilation of the clustermatic (any references are
much appreciated).

On the Suse 9.0 the rpm installation complained about package dependency
Perl(Socket). After rebooting clustermatic seemed to be working, registered
the MAC address from the slave node however failed to assign an IP.

Any help, advice or info is much appreciated.


Thank you,



Armen Nalian

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