_alloca undefined symbol (OS X/XL compiler)

From: Mike McCallum (mmccallum_at_pacific.edu)
Date: Fri Apr 02 2004 - 18:29:26 CST

I'm trying to compile NAMD/charm++ under OSX 10.3.3 with IBM XLc/c++
and XLf compilers, and it is actually going pretty well, with the
exception of this undefined symbol. Not being a whiz here, I tried to
look about to find what is the library referencing this symbol, but I
have only found some references to some HCRevision (under AIX) and
another vague reference to libucb. Both the test programs
(charm/net-ppc-darwin/pgms/charm++/megatest/ , etc) and main build
('./config tcl fftw plugins MacOSX-PPC-c++ etc) fail in this manner.

With the rs6k config (conv-mach.sh and so on) files, there is a '-lhC'
library, but this library is absent from my OSX version of XLC/F. I
used the rs6k configs as a guide because of the IBM compiler.

Any hints here would be greatly appreciated!



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