Problems compiling Charm++ for Myrinet

From: David Chalmers (
Date: Mon Mar 29 2004 - 18:53:46 CST

Hi again all,

I have downloaded the latest version of Charm++ from the CVS repository.
I am trying to compile Charm on a linux cluster with GM2 Myrinet.

./build charm++ mpi-linux gcc gm2

fails with the following error:

<stuff deleted>
../bin/charmc -c -I. isomalloc.c
../bin/charmc -c -I. global-nop.c
../bin/charmc -o ../lib/libconv-core.a convcore.o conv-conds.o queueing.o msgmgr.o cpm.o cpthreads.o futures.o cldb.o topology.o random.o debug-conv.o generate.o edgelist.o conv-ccs.o ccs-builtins.o traceCore.o traceCoreCommon.o converseProjections.o machineProjections.o quiescence.o isomalloc.o global-nop.o
Warning: creating ../lib_so/
../bin/charmc -o ../lib/libconv-cplus-y.a -DFOR_CPLUS=1 machine.c
machine.c:11:17: mpi.h: No such file or directory
Fatal Error by charmc in directory /home/ug/chalmers/bin/charm/mpi-linux-gm2-gcc/tmp
   Command gcc -Wno-deprecated -I../bin/../include -D__CHARMC__=1 -DFOR_CPLUS=1 -c machine.c -o machine.o returned error code 1
charmc exiting...
make[2]: *** [../lib/libconv-cplus-n.a] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/ug/chalmers/bin/charm/mpi-linux-gm2-gcc/tmp'
make[1]: *** [converse] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/ug/chalmers/bin/charm/mpi-linux-gm2-gcc/tmp'
make: *** [charm++] Error 2

./build charm++ mpi-linux icc gm2 fails with:

<lots more stuff deleted>
CSdagConstruct.o(.gnu.linkonce.t.__9CStateVariPciPCcP4XStrT4i+0x171): undefined reference to `__rethrow'
CSdagConstruct.o(.gnu.linkonce.t.__9CStateVariPciPCcP4XStrT4i+0x185): undefined reference to `__builtin_delete'
CSdagConstruct.o(.gnu.linkonce.t.__9CStateVariPciPCcP4XStrT4i+0x195): undefined reference to `__rethrow'
CSdagConstruct.o(.gnu.linkonce.t.__9CStateVariPciPCcP4XStrT4i+0x1a9): undefined reference to `__builtin_delete'
CSdagConstruct.o(.gnu.linkonce.t.__9CStateVariPciPCcP4XStrT4i+0x1b9): undefined reference to `__rethrow'
CSdagConstruct.o: In function `CEntry::CEntry(XStr *, ParamList *, TList<CStateVar *> &, int)':
CSdagConstruct.o(.gnu.linkonce.t.__6CEntryP4XStrP9ParamListRt5TList1ZP9CStateVari+0x3b): undefined reference to `__builtin_new'
CSdagConstruct.o(.gnu.linkonce.t.__6CEntryP4XStrP9ParamListRt5TList1ZP9CStateVari+0x73): undefined reference to `__builtin_delete'
CEntry.o: In function `CEntry::generateCode(XStr &)':
CEntry.o(.text+0xf2d): undefined reference to `__builtin_new'
CEntry.o(.text+0xf6d): undefined reference to `__builtin_delete'
CEntry.o(.text+0x15c6): undefined reference to `__builtin_new'
CEntry.o(.text+0x1606): undefined reference to `__builtin_delete'
CEntry.o(.text+0x1ebd): undefined reference to `__builtin_delete'
CEntry.o(.text+0x1ecd): undefined reference to `__rethrow'
CEntry.o(.text+0x1ee1): undefined reference to `__builtin_delete'
CEntry.o(.text+0x1ef1): undefined reference to `__rethrow'
Fatal Error by charmc in directory /home/ug/chalmers/bin/charm/mpi-linux-icc/tmp
   Command icpc -i_dynamic -o charmxi xi-main.o xi-symbol.o xi-scan.o xi-util.o sdag-globals.o CSdagConstruct.o CEntry.o -L../bin/../lib returned error code 1
charmc exiting...
make[1]: *** [../bin/charmxi] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/ug/chalmers/bin/charm/mpi-linux-icc/tmp'
make: *** [headers] Error 2

Can anybody offer me some advice?




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Victorian College of Pharmacy Fax: 9903 9582
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