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From: li (
Date: Fri Mar 26 2004 - 01:06:21 CST

dear all:
       i have been using PSFGEN for a long time ,but recently ,when i used the lipid bilayer psf file it produced, NAMD encountered  "the Bad global exclusion count, possible error!" i checked the psf file.all the generation process is all right ,all the VMD molecular info are right, too. but i can see some very long bonds in just one lipid molecule when loading the pdb and psf file together(all right when only the pdb loaded).so there must be something wrong with the psf file,but where did the problem come ? how to solve it ?
the lipid is DMPC,and the top file is top_all27_lipid.inp ,so guesscoord num is it is very strange only one lipid molecule has long bonds.

BTY, the version is VMD 1.82
Thanks in advance.

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