Re: Load balance strategy

From: Gengbin Zheng (
Date: Wed Mar 17 2004 - 11:31:03 CST

NAMD load balancing capability is based on Charm++ (not charmm :).
It is a measurement-based load balancing. That is the load balancing
decision is made adaptively during run-time based on load statistics
instead of the static mapping. You may have seen the startup display:

Info: Entering startup phase 6 with 7884 kB of memory in use.
Measuring processor speeds... Done.
Info: Entering startup phase 7 with 7885 kB of memory in use.

There is a measurement of CPU speed at the startup. The cpu speed should
be already considered as a factor during load balancing decisions.
Due to the measurement based strategy in nature, it does need several
steps of simulation running before it can actually have enough
information for load balancing decision making.
One can use "firstLdbStep" to control the first time to start the
first load balancing and "ldbPeriod" to control the loadbalaning period.


> I think charmm can have a "speed" directive that can do that.
> Ciao

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