Running on Alpha cluster

From: Alex V. (
Date: Wed Mar 10 2004 - 03:40:12 CST

Hi everybody!!

I have the following question:
what will I need to run NAMD on cluster,
consisting of Alpha 21264 (2 x 667 МHz) processors,
running on Marynet 2000 ?
They have Red Hat Linux 6.2 (with SMP support) on each node.
The parallel software is MPICH for GM with queuing system, so
one should run task as follows (as it is written in their computer
center's manual):

mpirun [mpi_args] <prgm_name> [prgm_args]

Should I recompile NAMD from sources to run on such cluster,
or are there compatible binaries from NAMD download page???

Thanks in advance!!!


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