Re: mac clustering

From: Gengbin Zheng (
Date: Sat Feb 07 2004 - 00:10:28 CST


 You can run charmrun with ++verbose to show more detailed info.
Basically I suspect this is due to the charmrun (on your front desktop)
sent its public internet IP to its compute nodes in subnet. The
problem is that inside the dhcp subnet, you cannot ping the front desktop
using its public IP, instead it should use its subnet ip (something like
 To overcome this, you can run charumrun using ++useip with front node's
subnet ip, like:
 ./charmrun ... ++useip

 change to the front node's subnet IP.


On Sat, 7 Feb 2004 wrote:

> i'm trying to run namd on a mac network with a dynamic ip. i've succeeded in
> running it when i connected each computer directly with each other with a
> switch...meaning my nodelist file is good....however when i connect it back
> on the DHCP network charm can not identify client. i'm able to connect to
> each system using ssh on in terminal but when i run charm it gives me the
> error "waiting for 0-client to connect". then it just timesout....could
> someone tell me what is going on.
> Cheers
> min

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