Autogene angles dihed / patch / psfgen problem

From: Andersen, Kim Vilbour (KVA) (
Date: Wed Oct 15 2003 - 06:27:17 CDT

Dear NAMD users/developers

I have a small problem using the otherwise excellent psfgen tool (it is great for us users that have no access to CHARMm).

I have generated a number of custom residues (glyco residues) and patches to connect them together and to the protein residues.

I can run psfgen and everything works.

BUT my problem is that I have to define all new angles and dihedrals in the PRES definition, whereas I would prefer to use

autogene angles dihed

As it (should) be possible in CHARMm (see e.g. ).

Unfortunately the autogenerate angles only works during the segment generation, and the patches I apply afterwards needs the angles and dihedrals to be specifically defined :-(

Am I doing anything wrong?

Will the potential to autogenerate angles and dihedrals be incorporated in psfgen at a later stage?

Thanks in advance

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