Error Running NAMD

From: Raymond C. Fort Jr. (
Date: Wed Oct 08 2003 - 08:18:00 CDT

I'm new to NAMD and am working my way through the NAMD tutorial (ubiquitin)
recently posted on the web. I have had no problem creating my psf file,
solvating the structure, and so on, but when I actually try to run NAMD
using the line:

charmrun namd2 ++local ubq_ws_eq.conf

I get the message: "execve failed to start process 'namd2' with status:
-1", and the process is killed. If I leave out the "charmrun" namd runs
and does its thing. The directory in which both charmrun and namd2 reside
is in my PATH.

I'm sure I'm doing something ignorant, and perhaps even stupid, to make
this task fail. Could someone point out my error? An environment variable
not set, perhaps?

Thanks in advance!


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