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PmeTransMsg Class Reference
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Public Attributes

int sourceNode
int sequence
int hasData
Lattice lattice
int x_start
int nx
float * qgrid
CkArrayIndex3D destElem

Detailed Description

Definition at line 134 of file ComputePme.C.

Member Data Documentation

CkArrayIndex3D PmeTransMsg::destElem
int PmeTransMsg::hasData
Lattice PmeTransMsg::lattice
int PmeTransMsg::nx
float* PmeTransMsg::qgrid
int PmeTransMsg::sequence
int PmeTransMsg::sourceNode
int PmeTransMsg::x_start

Definition at line 141 of file ComputePme.C.

Referenced by ComputePmeMgr::procTrans(), and ComputePmeMgr::sendTransSubset().

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