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ComputeSelfImpropers Class Reference

#include <ComputeImpropers.h>

Inheritance diagram for ComputeSelfImpropers:
ComputeSelfTuples< ImproperElem, Improper, ImproperValue > ComputeHomeTuples< T, S, P > Compute

Public Member Functions

 ComputeSelfImpropers (ComputeID c, PatchID p)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ComputeSelfTuples< ImproperElem, Improper, ImproperValue >
 ComputeSelfTuples (ComputeID c, PatchID p)
virtual ~ComputeSelfTuples ()
virtual void initialize (void)
void doWork (void)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ComputeHomeTuples< T, S, P >
virtual ~ComputeHomeTuples ()
void atomUpdate (void)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Compute
 Compute (ComputeID)
int type ()
virtual ~Compute ()
void setNumPatches (int n)
int getNumPatches ()
virtual void patchReady (PatchID, int doneMigration, int seq)
virtual int noWork ()
virtual void finishPatch (int)
int sequence (void)
int priority (void)
int getGBISPhase (void)
virtual void gbisP2PatchReady (PatchID, int seq)
virtual void gbisP3PatchReady (PatchID, int seq)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from Compute
const ComputeID cid
LDObjHandle ldObjHandle
LocalWorkMsg *const localWorkMsg
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ComputeHomeTuples< T, S, P >
 ComputeHomeTuples (ComputeID c)
 ComputeHomeTuples (ComputeID c, PatchIDList &pids)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Compute
void enqueueWork ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from ComputeHomeTuples< T, S, P >
int doLoadTuples
ResizeArray< T > tupleList
TuplePatchList tuplePatchList
int accelMDdoDihe
int pressureProfileSlabs
char * isBasePatch
- Protected Attributes inherited from Compute
int computeType
int basePriority
int gbisPhase
int gbisPhasePriority [3]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 106 of file ComputeImpropers.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ComputeSelfImpropers::ComputeSelfImpropers ( ComputeID  c,
PatchID  p 

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