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mdio_DcdHeader_t Struct Reference

DCD header information provided by user. More...

#include <dcd.h>

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Public Attributes

double timestep
int32 natoms
int32 firststep
int32 framestepcnt
int32 cellstatus

Detailed Description

DCD header information provided by user.

Member Data Documentation

int32 mdio_DcdHeader_t::cellstatus

Cell status flag to indicate a periodic cell.

int32 mdio_DcdHeader_t::firststep

Numbering of the first timestep.

int32 mdio_DcdHeader_t::framestepcnt

Number of steps between each frame.

int32 mdio_DcdHeader_t::natoms

Number of atoms in system.

double mdio_DcdHeader_t::timestep

Size of timestep in femtoseconds.

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