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Mgrid_tag Struct Reference

Multilevel summation (a.k.a. multiple grid) solver. More...

#include <mgrid.h>

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Public Attributes

MgridParam param
int(* short_force )(struct Mgrid_tag *, MgridSystem *)
void(* short_done )(struct Mgrid_tag *)
MD_Dvec lo
double inv_cellsize
double inv_cutoff
int32 * next
int32 ncells
int32 ndimcells
int32 is_split_even_powers
int(* cell_interactions )(struct Mgrid_tag *, MgridSystem *)
int(* long_force )(struct Mgrid_tag *, MgridSystem *)
void(* long_done )(struct Mgrid_tag *)
MD_Dvec origin
double inv_spacing
double u_self
double g_zero
MgridLattice * qgrid
MgridLattice * egrid
double * scaling
MgridLattice gdsum
int32 gdsum_radius
MgridLattice glast
int32 glast_radius
MgridLattice * gdsum_list
int32 * gdsum_radius_list

Detailed Description

Multilevel summation (a.k.a. multiple grid) solver.

Members should be treated as private.

Member Data Documentation

int(* Mgrid_tag::short_force)(struct Mgrid_tag *, MgridSystem *)

short range force contribution

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