Re: GPU requirements for CUDA enabled NAMD

From: Yoshio Alarcon Lopez (
Date: Sat Oct 15 2022 - 11:49:50 CDT

Hello Kartik.
It depends on the compute capability of your card, I remember it has to be
2.0 or more and your card has a CUDA Capability of 1.2, and the nvidia
driver that supports at least CUDA 8.0.
I have read something about that kind of issue and I was trying to use a
GTX-590, an old card.
Kindly run
$ nvidia-smi
To figure out which compute capability you have.
In addition, from the page of release of NAMD you can find the followint:

To benefit from GPU acceleration you will need a CUDA build of NAMD and a
recent NVIDIA video card. CUDA builds will not function without a
CUDA-capable GPU and a driver that supports CUDA 8.0. If the installed
driver is too old NAMD will exit on startup with the error ``CUDA driver
version is insufficient for CUDA runtime version.''

But If you find any mode to run NAMD-CUDA with an old card, let me know.

You can try to obtain a Nvidia Quadro, for small computers that works fine.

Best regards.

El sáb, 15 oct 2022 a las 3:30, Kartik Tulsian (<>)

> Hello NAMD users,
> I have been running namd using my cpu for a while and wanted to
> incorporate a GPU into my system.
> I have an old GPU (Geforce GT210) which only runs CUDA toolkit 6.5, would
> CUDA enabled NAMD be compatible with such an old toolkit version.
> Thanks,
> Kartik Tulsian

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