how to make a .Dx file trajectory to showing the Electrostatic Maps or ion concentration video?

From: jiali wang (
Date: Tue Mar 19 2019 - 20:00:55 CDT

Hello everyone,
by study the tutorial in "Electrostatic Maps and Ion Conduction" ,I
understand using
*pmepot -sel $all -frames all -xscfile cntwieq-01.restart.xsc -grid {48 48
48} -dxfile eqpot.dx -ewaldfactor 0.25 *could generate a dx file to showing
the elestractic potential, and also can create a water density maps.
but this more like a average of all frame calculation, can some one tell me
how to generate a Dx. movie? to calculate every frame and make it a movie.
not average of frames.
Very appreciate your help.


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