Re: NAMD with multiple molecules

Date: Thu Aug 17 2017 - 22:51:58 CDT

> Hi all,
> Has anyone had any success using NAMD with multiple molecules, and
> wouldn't mind sharing their method? I'm trying to run implicit solvation
> of BSA with a single carbon sheet generated through VMD's nanotube builder
> plugin and NAMD seems dead-set on accepting only one input.
> Thanks in advance,
> Max
Dear max,

you need to merge the two structures into single pdb and psf file that is
your carbon sheet and protein, after generating the carbon sheet save its
coordinates and then use the link sent by Dr. Axel to generate the merged
structure, also there is a tcl script available in vmd script library for
this purpose, i think that link will lead you to that script only.

good luck


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