verbs-smp on a single node

From: Jeff Comer (
Date: Wed Apr 26 2017 - 15:13:40 CDT

My goal is to use multiple-copy algorithms and CUDA simultaneously on
a workstation running Ubuntu linux. However, I can't seem to get the
verbs-smp-CUDA or verbs-smp builds of NAMD to work. For simplicity,
let's not talk about CUDA and just look at verbs-smp. I want to run 2
replicas on a 6-core machine. I do the following:

$charm $namd ++verbose ++local ++ppn 6 +p 6 +pemap 0-5 +commap 2,5
+replicas 2 $f +stdout ${f%.*}.%d.log

and get these messages:

Charmrun> charmrun started...
Charmrun> adding client 0: "", IP:
Charmrun> adding client 1: "", IP:
Charmrun> adding client 2: "", IP:
Charmrun> adding client 3: "", IP:
Charmrun> adding client 4: "", IP:
Charmrun> adding client 5: "", IP:
Charmrun> Charmrun =, port = 34440
Charmrun> IBVERBS version of charmrun
Charmrun> start 0 node program on localhost.
Charmrun> node programs all started
Charmrun> Waiting for 0-th client to connect.
Charmrun> error attaching to node '':
Socket closed before recv.

I tried installing some ibverbs packages, but that didn't seem to fix
the problem. Any ideas?


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