Questions on creating constraints in NAMD

From: Randy J. Zauhar (
Date: Tue Feb 21 2017 - 09:03:21 CST

Hi Giacomo and fellow experts,

I am running a thermodynamic cycle to evaluate a free energy of binding of a peptide to a target protein.

One of the simulations is to release colvar constraints, and I found free energy change by integrating dA/dLambda values from the log file. The simulation ran without a hitch and the energy change was ‘reasonable’.

Now two separate questions:

1) Next I want to convince myself of reversibility and run the the lambda schedule backwards to create the restraints. I use the endpoint of constraint annihilation as starting point. The simulation seems to run fine for a while, but died relatively early on with no error message. Assuming this was a fluke, I just ran it again - same issue. This time I restarted (it died at lambda = 0.098), and it got all the way to lambda = 0.77, but then the restart died with this message:

ERROR: Constraint failure; simulation has become unstable.
ERROR: Exiting prematurely; see error messages above.

But I swear there IS NO error message that I can find ‘above', and nothing looks amiss in the colvars output.

I am using NAMD 2.12b1 for Linux multicore, and have been running with 48 threads like this:

nohup namd +p 48 +isomalloc_sync complexPhosphoSTAT5RestrainCreateRestraint.RESTART.namd >& complexPhosphoSTAT5RestrainCreateRestraint.RESTART.log &

2) I have assumed that the dA/dLambda entries in the log file follow the same order as I specified in the colvars input file - but If I look more carefully in the log file, I see this sort of report:

colvars: Lambda= 0.1 dA/dLambda= 0.0850971
colvars: Lambda= 0.1 dA/dLambda= 10.3175
colvars: Lambda= 0.1 dA/dLambda= 0.0294449
colvars: Lambda= 0.1 dA/dLambda= 0.194364
colvars: Lambda= 0.1 dA/dLambda= 39.9485
colvars: Lambda= 0.1 dA/dLambda= 2.64137
colvars: Restraint harmonic3, stage 2 : lambda = 0.11
colvars: Lambda= 0.1 dA/dLambda= 0.494314
colvars: Lambda= 0.1 dA/dLambda= 2.34284
colvars: Lambda= 0.1 dA/dLambda= 3.04824
colvars: Lambda= 0.1 dA/dLambda= 0.22976
colvars: Restraint harmonic18, stage 2 : lambda = 0.11
colvars: Restraint harmonic4, stage 2 : lambda = 0.11
colvars: Setting force constant to 0.55
colvars: Lambda= 0.1 dA/dLambda= 9.93387
colvars: Lambda= 0.1 dA/dLambda= 3.78617
colvars: Setting force constant to 0.55
colvars: Restraint harmonic6, stage 2 : lambda = 0.11
colvars: Setting force constant to 0.55
colvars: Lambda= 0.1 dA/dLambda= 0.110793
colvars: Lambda= 0.1 dA/dLambda= 0.0482745
(snip) -------------------

The reports for updating lambda seem to appear in random order - there is the sense that more than one thread is writing at the same time. Am I guaranteed that the derivatives are reported in a consistent order? Or, is there a better way to collect this information?

THANKS in advance.


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