RE: Compiling charm/NAMD with an alternative gcc, e.g. gcc 6.x

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Date: Mon Feb 06 2017 - 11:27:58 CST

The script is usually enough to recognize what compiler options are available to you. Try running that to generate (and execute) a charm++ configuration. Note that, by default, the script tends to steer you away from a multicore build, so you should be sure to answer the first question "Y", as opposed to the default "N". After that, most questions can probably just get the default response.


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Subject: namd-l: Compiling charm/NAMD with an alternative gcc, e.g. gcc 6.x


I would like to compile NAMD in the flavor “multicore-linux-x86_64” using gcc Version 6.2.1. This is in my environment (SLES12SP2) available in
The default, /usr/bin/gcc is still 4.8.5.

How can I build charm with this compiler without tweaking all the links in /usr/bin, i.e. how can I name a specific compiler for charm?


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