fatal error in running namd/2.12

From: sunyeping (sunyeping_at_aliyun.com)
Date: Wed Jan 11 2017 - 07:46:01 CST

Dear all,
I've tried to run namd of the 2.12 version in my worksation installed with two NVIDIA C2050 GPU. The command is
namd2 +p4  +setcpuaffinity +devices 0,1
However, the program gives the follow error:
 Reason: FATAL ERROR: CUDA error device not of compute capability 3.0 or higher on Pe 2 (bogon device 1)
Does that mean C2050 is not supported by NAMD 2.12? Howvever, the relesase notes of this version states that "GPUs of compute capability 1.0 are no longer supported and are ignored“. The compute capability of C2050 is 2.0. why is it not supported either?
Yeping Sun

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