AW: NAMD 2.9 Windows CUDA build?

From: Norman Geist (
Date: Mon Nov 05 2012 - 01:27:43 CST

Hi Frederik,


altough it won't help to solve the CUDA+Windows question, I'd like to say
that you got a strange IT department. It should be their responsibility to
help you get it running, not to throw stones in your way, likely because
they want to keep their network homogenous. The obvisously easiest and most
comfortable solution would be a linux installation on your machine, no big
deal to keep the original windows 7. With a second harddrive you will not
even have to touch the boot configuration and nobody will ever be able to
notice, that there was a linux installation on the machine.


Good luck.


- Compliments to your IT department -


Norman Geist.


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von Frederik Heurlin Aidt
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At my workplace, we've recently acquired a workstation running windows 7
with a CUDA-enabled tesla-card. Because the IT department are making
trouble, we can't install a linux partition on this machine. A while back, a
thread was posted here where CUDA support on the windows platform were
( and I
understood from the message that CUDA support would be enabled in windows
with NAMD v. 2.9. I've read the documentation, but I can't find any
indication that this is the case. Could anyone please clarify this? If there
are any new experimental binaries, I would be more than willing to test





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