RE: NAMD 2.9 Windows CUDA build?

From: Frederik Heurlin Aidt (
Date: Thu Nov 08 2012 - 02:51:33 CST

Thanks for the input. Believe me, I would much rather use a nice linux
system any day, but the problem is that some NGS calculations are also made
on this particular system and the IT guys refuse to install the linux
version of the software that does this! For now I'm stuck with W7. I've
compiled a Win32 multicore build with CUDA support that seems to work
nicely (charm++ 6.4, CUDA 5.0, NAMD 2.9 (2012-11-08) nightly build on our
C2075 Tesla system). If anyone are interested I'll be happy to pass on the
build, just drop me an email.


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