RE: how to visualize an alchemical FEP transformation??

From: Bruno Luís Pinto de Oliveira (
Date: Sat Oct 22 2011 - 12:31:01 CDT

Dear Axel,

> very simple, you only show what you want to show.
> VMD has a selection language that lets you determine
> to great detail of what is shown. if you believe that any
> picture that you see posted and published is showing
> you the plain data without any manipulation, then you
> have to learn a _lot_.

Portuguese have a proverb that is something like this:

He who knows, knows. He who doesn't know, learns ;)

I am still learning...

> other than that, i have to remark that given VMD's
> graphical capabilities, those are particularly ugly
> visualizations that are not very well done in showing
> what they want to show...

Another one:

Each head its sentence...

Thank you again for your help



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