Advice on buying GPUs

From: Ajasja Ljubetič (
Date: Wed Jun 01 2011 - 09:43:24 CDT

Dear all,

I received some founds to upgrade our old cluster. Currently we have
8x tyan mother board <>
16x AMD Opteron Quad
8x 750 W PSU

The mother board has two PCI-E 2.0 8x.

I was thinking of buying either two GeForce GTX
one GeForce
GTX 590<>for
each node.
What would be the better option for running NAMD? We will start running some
medium (~300k atoms) membrane systems in the near future.
Or would I be perhaps better off buying new nodes? Any other suggestions

Thank you for your help,
Ajasja Ljubetič,
Young reasercher,
Laboratory of biophysics,
Institute Jožef Štefan,
Ljubljana, Slovenia

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