GPU-CPU small-scale machine for NAMD

From: Francesco Pietra (
Date: Mon May 16 2011 - 03:45:37 CDT

I have followed previous posts on small-scale GPU-CPU, whre Axel
(Professor Kohlmeyer) gave key indications.

For a classical-MM-dedicated machine (i.e. single precision
calculations), i am trying to spare money (and electricity bill) as
much as possible, considering that as a particularly temporary
investment (future of integrated GPU-CPU cards?). Thus, I am
considering a consumer motherboard based on AMD Phenom II X6 1075T CPU
and 2/3x GTX460s.

My question is, is there any experience on running NAMD on such
graphic cards? If yes, is there any experience on a cluster made of
two such machines? (considering that I have no more an electronic
engineer helping me).

Thanks a lot for advice
francesco pietra

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