namd at ranger(tacc)

From: Lei Shi (
Date: Thu Feb 24 2011 - 12:56:29 CST

Has anyone run into problems like me to launch new namd jobs at ranger(tacc)
in recent two days, using the namd described in (
My jobs quickly failed (the simulation system and qsub script have been
working for months). The error message is like below, which does not tell
TACC: Starting up job 1833721
TACC: Setting up parallel environment for MVAPICH ssh-based mpirun.
TACC: Setup complete. Running job script.
TACC: starting parallel tasks...

Child exited abnormally!
Killing remote processes...DONE
TACC: MPI job exited with code: 1
TACC: Shutting down parallel environment.
TACC: Shutdown complete. Exiting.

I suspect there might be some recent changes of the "parallel environment",
which are beyond my capability to detect. Can the guy(s) in charge of
tg455591 help (e.g., run some tests)?

Many Thanks!

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