time step and total simulation time in conf file

From: Namd Namd (namd_10_at_yahoo.com)
Date: Wed Sep 14 2011 - 09:41:00 CDT

Dear namd people, I’m confused about assigning the time step  and total simulation time into conf file. I wanted to run a simulation for 3.5 ns  with 0.5 fs time step and 3500 frame. I think the total simulation time = time step*run .  So I wrote a conf file like   firsttimestep      0 timestep           0.5 restartfreq        2000 # every 1 ps dcdfreq            2000 xstFreq            2000 outputEnergies     2000 outputPressure     2000 outputtiming       2000 run 7000000      Then I opened my psf file with vegazz , chose calculate/analysis and loaded dcd file and saw that Information: Start time : 2 ps Simulation time : 7000 ps Time step : 2000 fs Frames : 3500 These are different with my time step  and total simulation time. What is the reason for this ? Is my conf file wrong ? Could you please help me the learn assigning the time step  and total simulation time ? Thank you all for the responses.

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