NAMD parralel processor windows

From: Ramin Omidvar (
Date: Thu Jun 17 2010 - 13:25:54 CDT

Dear All,

I want to run NAMD 2.6 on a 4 core parallel windows XP pc for the first
time. I use charmrun exe and type :

./charmrun ../namd2 ++local +p4 conf file > log file

The cpu of computer is going to start but a blank log file is been made.
when I replace ++local with ++verbose and find below text in log file:

Charmrun> adding client 0: "localhost", IP:
Charmrun> adding client 1: "localhost", IP:
Charmrun> adding client 2: "localhost", IP:
Charmrun> adding client 3: "localhost", IP:
Charmrun> Charmrun = motionlab, port = 3456
Charmrun> packing arg: cnt_wb_eq.conf
Charmrun> Starting node program 0 on 'localhost' as C:\Documents and
Settings\motion lab\My Documents\omidvar\LRUNT\lrunt2\4core\namd2.

and also in the cmd window find:
Error 'N' starting remote node program on localhost--
could not contact daemon- is it running?

I checked archives but did not find an exact similar problem, maybe they
are rudimentary errors. but Your valuable hints are highly appreciated.

Thanks All,
Best regards
Ramin Omidvar
PhD student of Biomedical Engineering Dept.
AmirKabir University of Tech.

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